Linux VM Backup in OpenStack with Veeam Backup Agent

There’s a way to have user friendly backups in an OpenStack environment – interested? Then this post for you!

For quite some time now I’ve been thinking about backups in OpenStack – how  can I have a simple and clear solution to make a backup of Linux virtual machines. At the moment I can think of 1 or 2 backup solutions based on snapshots. These solutions are not exactly what I’d like or I could have confidence in the data safety. I don’t really like snapshot based backups so I’ve tried an alternative path of making backups in the old fashioned “Physical server” backup way.

I have selected a product from Veeam – Veeam Agent for Linux FREE version. It’s a free edition of their backup software – and I like free 🙂

Here’s the idea:

In this diagram you can see that one server in the infrastructure is going to serve as a backup storage to store Veeam created backup files. In this particular case the backup storage server will use Samba and CIFS. I think it will overall help me to improve the security side from Wannacry, Petya A or some other variants of crypto viruses. One could challenge a common CIFS shared folder? I say yes because it will be restricted to Veeam as a target repository to store backup archives. Another idea is to store backups in some external location if you’re really cautions 🙂

So, let’s start with the implementation.

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