„Telia Cloud Platform“ Vartotojo vadovas

„Telia Cloud Platform“ yra viešosios debesijos (angl. public cloud) paslauga ir šio vartotojo vadovo tikslas – padėti paslaugos klientams ja naudotis efektyviai ir suprantamai.
Šį vartotojo vadovą sudaro keli skyriai, kurie iliustratyviai paaiškina paslaugos sudedamąsias dalis ir pateikia pavyzdžius, kaip kiekvieną iš tų dalių pritaikyti savo poreikiams ir paruošti debesų kompiuterijos infrastuktūrą naudojimui.

Vartotojo vadovas


Linux VM Backup in OpenStack with Veeam Backup Agent

There’s a way to have user friendly backups in an OpenStack environment – interested? Then this post for you!

For quite some time now I’ve been thinking about backups in OpenStack – how  can I have a simple and clear solution to make a backup of Linux virtual machines. At the moment I can think of 1 or 2 backup solutions based on snapshots. These solutions are not exactly what I’d like or I could have confidence in the data safety. I don’t really like snapshot based backups so I’ve tried an alternative path of making backups in the old fashioned “Physical server” backup way.

I have selected a product from Veeam – Veeam Agent for Linux FREE version. It’s a free edition of their backup software – and I like free 🙂

Here’s the idea:

In this diagram you can see that one server in the infrastructure is going to serve as a backup storage to store Veeam created backup files. In this particular case the backup storage server will use Samba and CIFS. I think it will overall help me to improve the security side from Wannacry, Petya A or some other variants of crypto viruses. One could challenge a common CIFS shared folder? I say yes because it will be restricted to Veeam as a target repository to store backup archives. Another idea is to store backups in some external location if you’re really cautions 🙂

So, let’s start with the implementation.

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